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Wolfwalkers Board Game

Image of Wolfwalkers Board Game

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In this original board game, you can choose to play competitively or cooperatively as WolfWalkers. Orders will ship end of November 2020.

The objective of the game is to complete a wolf soul before soldiers find its Lair. Find the best roads through the woods, collect runes, buy different tiles, avoid the soldiers and collect wolf souls. Will you be brave enough?


1 Board, 1 Custom die, 4 Wolfwalkers figures with plastic stands, 2 Soldier pawns, 35 Rune tokens, 4 Wolfwalkers tiles, 60 Tiles, 1 Special tile, Rulebook.

Four game modes

Three cooperative ones with varying levels of difficulty and one competitive game mode.

As WolfWalkers you have to be:
Brave enough to go through different areas in the woods and town to find parts of wolf souls,
smart enough to choose your moves wisely,
agile enough to sneak around soldiers,
and especially kind at heart enough to cooperate with each other – because only together can you succeed.