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Song of the Sea Soundtrack

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The beautiful soundtrack from the Oscar Nominated movie, Song of the Sea features the collaborative musical talents of Kila, Lisa Hannigan, Bruno Coulais and Nolwenn Leroy to name but a few.
Sit back and relive the beauty of this movie through its music.

1. Song Of The Sea Vocals by Lisa Hannigan 2:42
2. The Mother's Portrait 2:27
3. The Sea Scene 2:42
4. The Song Vocals by Lisa Hannigan 5:17
5. The Key In The Sea 0:59
6. The Derry Tune 1:58
7. In The Streets 1:05
8. Dance With The Fish 2:07
9. The Seals 0:45
10. Something Is Wrong Vocals by Lisa Hannigan 2:04
11. Run 2:32
12. Head Credits Vocals by Lisa Hannigan 1:45
13. Get Away 1:18
14. Help 2:33
15. Sadness 1:07
16. Molly 1:06
17. I Hate You 1:33
18. Who Are You 1:20
19. The Storm 1:56
20. Katy's Tune 3:31
21. In The Bus Vocals by Lisa Hannigan 0:45
22. The Thread Vocals by Lisa Hannigan 2:25
23. Amhrán Na Farraige Vocals by Lisa Hannigan 2:45
24. Song Of The Sea (Lullaby) (From "Song Of The Sea") by Nolwenn Leroy 3:47
25.La chanson de la mer (berceuse) (Extrait du film "Le chant de la mer") by Nolwenn Leroy